A New Chapter

Heading into May and June the number of trade shows and conferences heat up. See us at Techtextil in Atlanta, GA, in booth 2717, May 3rd – 5th. Catch up with us at the USIFI Outlook Conference in May and we will be walking Outdoor Retailer in August, ISSA in October, and one week later we will be displaying at IFAI. Truly the busy season. Busy, busy, busy, but necessarily so.

Necessary because this is the season in which Jason Mills opens a new chapter in its 40 year history. We have been, since the 90’s, the company that “Make’s Things Materialize” and for millions and millions of yards of fabrics produced we truly did make things materialize. But, now it’s time for a new future. A future of innovation, performance and top quality materials. This is the season of spreading the word that through research and development we will be delving into new and exciting materials and markets.

Over the last year we have put into the market place a multi-layer material that not only wicks moisture, has anti-microbial properties, but is soft to the touch and has load bearing qualities that surpass 1,500 pounds. We’ve created a snag resistant mesh that is water, fire and UV resistant. The outdoor retailing industry has never seen anything like it. We developed a golf screen that is made exclusively for hi-def imagery and can absorb the impact of a golf ball traveling over 150 mph, thousands of times. Our aeronautical line of fire resistant material has increased as well.

This is the season in which we open a new chapter. Over the coming months we will be travelling to shows. We will be updating our literature and media outlets such as our URL, Facebook and LinkedIn page. We look forward to meeting you, the customer, and showing you what we can do for you.

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