About Jason Mills, LLC

Jason Mills, LLC is a New Jersey based manufacturer of knit textiles. With a focus on industrial fabrics, specialty textiles, apparel and home furnishings our product line has grown to over one hundred established skus including an extensive collection of stock styles. Technical materials such as spacer, fire resistant and highly UV resistant textiles are the most recent addition to our line. We will also research and develop fabrics to meet your needs.

In addition to our manufactured mesh line we also distribute custom cut sports netting for baseball, golf, and lacrosse amongst others.

The knit construction of the majority of our fabrics falls under the broad heading of warp knitting. This vast category can be subdivided into two styles of warp knitting: tricot and raschel. In our raschel operation we utilize industrial yarns ranging in deniers of 70 through 1000. The tricot line will typically utilize yarns that are less than 150 denier and will create a tighter and finer stitch for use in medical fabrics, substrates and apparel.

Originally conceived as an apparel company in the mid 1970’s the product line grew and adjusted with the times to expand to the multi dimensional incarnation it is today. Over forty years later we maintain the same approach to quality customer service that the company was founded upon. We look forward to hearing from you.