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Where We’ve Been

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In business, there are weeks and months where the routine is just that, routine. The sales department follows up on inquiries and sniffs out new leads; the marketing department’s focus is to continue to push for greater recognition and influence in new and varied markets (“what is the need for animal transport slings”?) and ownership works with finance to keep a healthy bottom line. These are business fundamentals; do it correctly and repetitively and everybody succeeds.

There are times when the routine changes, dramatically. That is when the sales and management teams hit the road; which is where we’ve been in January. Coming out of the holidays allowed for final preparations for four shows in two weeks: Las Vegas for SHOT, Atlantic City for Pool and Spa and Orlando for PGA Merchandise and Tent Expo.
SHOT (Shooters, Hunters and Outdoor Trades) offered a one day supplier exhibit showcase. This allowed for suppliers such as Jason Mills to display materials that are used by the manufacturers to produce products such as tents, tactical vests, back backs. The Jason Mills contribution to that supply chain includes materials such as mosquito netting (style 417), no see um netting (style 413), tactical mesh (styles 1992 and 1998) and spacer mesh (styles 101, 201, 301, 601 and 701).

NESPA (also known as the Northeast Pool and Spa Association) was a show we walked. Respecting the process of the trade show; those displaying are there to sell, not be sold to, we nevertheless picked up several new leads in the end use materials for skimmer nets (styles 65, 1926, 8610 and 2495), filtration (styles 3333 and 513), and flotation devices (styles 280 and 65).

Lastly, held concurrently but at separate locations, the PGA Merchandise show (along with the Tent Expo) offered us an opportunity to show our newest products for the world of high definition impact screens for golf simulation. We have been in development here on what we consider cutting edge material for indoor golf retail. To wit, a single layer, front impact screen material that can withstand thousands of close range impact shots and yet not destruct for many, many months was the ultimate goal. We have developed not one, but two such materials (styles 1920 and 801). The response to these two fabrics was very positive. Our target is to have both of these materials out in the marketplace in force by early March.

If you missed us at any of these shows, and if these materials- as well as any of our other US based product line is of interest please contact us at for samples, pricing and more data or visit our website, We look forward to seeing you at our next trade show.