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We are just past the half-way point of 2018.  There has been a whole lot accomplished in the past six months, but in a lot of ways it seems as though it’s just setting the table for the second act.

Take for instance the recently completed Techtextil trade show that we displayed at in Atlanta.  Here we saw representatives from a cross section of industry; ostensibly all in need of textile solutions.  This group included industries such as:  aeronautical, automotive, healthcare, building, filtration, outdoor retail, occupational safety and a diverse group of others that I can prattle on about but you get the idea.  All of these folks had projects or programs that required material solutions (textile materials) to either enhance, manufacture or develop products that are being consumed or someday will be consumed in the vast global marketplace.

This leads me to 2018 Part II. The leads we acquired in May/June at Techtextil and elsewhere are bearing fruit in July.  These leads will turn into orders that will stretch through 2018. The table has been set; it’s now up to us to serve the dinner and show that the Jason Mills organization is ready to serve those industries that come to us needing support.  This is what makes our industry so compelling.  It is that textile materials are omnipresent and that the need for fabric resolutions remains undiminished.  Remember:  we are only limited by our imaginations.

In other blog news, I’d like to begin a short feature called fabric of the month.  This will highlight a material that is either an established fabric in our line or something new we want to feature.

July’s material is Jason Mills style 280 (our line is identified by numbers; someday we may start to incorporate trade names).

Here are the end use markets as well as the features and benefits of style 280:

  • Developed for the healthcare textile industry- patient slings / lift systems
  • Also, for outdoor retail- hammocks, chairs, cargo bags, pocketing …
  • Supports over 1,500 pounds lift capacity
  • Lightweight when compared to similar products (this is due to the unique knit construction)
  • Open mesh knit for maximum vapor transfer
  • Smooth surface
  • Fire resistant
  • Low minimums for color
  • Knit and finished in the USA for superior quality control


Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog.  See you in August!