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Making Safety Standard Issue

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Here at Jason Mills, we do business with a variety of industries – sports, fashion, transportation, medical, and many more – but last month was designated National Safety Month by the National Safety Council, we’d thought it a good time to highlight our several safety-specific products.

Last year we blogged about our high visibility fluorescent line which serves industries like construction, highway maintenance, and traffic control. We supply several fabrics that comply with the strict ANSI standards for luminescence and porosity, and other high quality fluorescents, depending on our customer’s preferences and end-use application. Our fabrics also comply with most commercial fire-resistant certifications. These fabric solutions are vital to the construction and safety industries to help minimize risk to employees, and ensure the highest measures of safety possible in settings that are inherently higher-risk.

Another specialty safety textile that we manufacture is our cut-resistant material. This protective apparel, offered in both nylon and polyester varieties, is ANSI certified for both abrasion and cut-resistance. Used in such applications as glass manufacturing, our cut-resistant fabrics are designed and certified to provide quality protection in environments where sharp or abrasive materials are handled regularly, providing a welcome and effective layer of protection between those sharp edges and your skin.

We also manufacture three dimensional spacer meshes for the safety industry. This technical mesh is used in harnesses for cushioning and ventilation, for all kinds of harness applications such as rock climbing and rescue operations.

Suffice it to say that at Jason Mills, it’s our business to be concerned with a host of different safety issues; we are glad that we’re able to provide the textile expertise necessary to supply materials that keep people safe, and we’re proud to provide materials that comply with the latest standards in the industry. So remember, if you’re in the business of ensuring the safety of your employees, come to us for the materials that can help you meet the safety standards you’re seeking.