Golf Impact Screen Materials and Perimeter Netting

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Reliable materials in golf impact screens are crucial for durability and performance. They ensure the screen can withstand repeated hits from golf balls, without tearing or deforming, maintaining its integrity over time. High-quality materials also contribute to accurate ball flight simulation, which provides golfers with realistic feedback during practice.

At Jason Mills, we offer industrial knit textiles that are meticulously engineered and rigorously tested.Our products guarantee exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, making our fabrics ideal for use in the most demanding environments.

Importance of High-Quality Golf Impact Screen Materials

Investing in top-notch materials is crucial in golf simulation, where precision and consistency are critical. This commitment ensures the development of a reliable training environment tailored to the sport’s specific demands. Here are some of the most significant advantages of utilizing high-quality golf screen materials:

  • Guaranteed durability
  • Sound deadening
  • Longevity
  • High-definition visual clarity
  • Resilience to repetitive ball impact
  • Optimal performance

Golf Screen Materials Offered by Jason Mills

Below are our golf impact and perimeter netting materials we offer:


The lightweight composition and finely knit structure of the 1910 material ensure an excellent surface for bright visuals. It is intended for short-term use and should be combined with a background screen to maximize performance. With a width of 120 inches, 1910 is visually impressive and meets the fire-resistant standards of NFPA 701 Large Scale. This material embodies clarity and economy in its application.


The 1925 material, known as the original heavy-duty impact screen, has excellent durability. This makes it highly beneficial for applications requiring longevity. With a width of 120 inches, 1925 is crafted to endure extended use, providing a resilient solution for golf practice. Additionally, its compliance with NFPA 701 Large-scale fire-resistant certification underscores its commitment to safety and quality.


The 1920 builds upon the robust foundation of the 1925 material. It combines weight and strength with a surface optimized for the best HD projection. This characteristic makes it a preferred choice for applications requiring visual clarity and precision. It also has a width of 120 inches and conforms to NFPA 701 Large-scale fire-resistant standards.


The 801 material stands out as part of our Premium screen offerings. Tight knit construction allows for ultra-HD imaging. This material is dyed white for a clean appearance right out of the box and has a thickness of 1/8 inches It also provides additional sound absorption for a better user experience. In addition, it meets the fire-resistant certification criteria of NFPA 701 Large Scale.


The 401 material is part of our Premium screen line.It has thicker knit construction than the 801 for increased sound absorption.  Its natural white color  improves visual appeal by minimizing impact marks when the projection is off. Furthermore, it meets NFPA 701 Large-scale fire-resistant criteria for dependability.

Perimeter Netting Options


The 1996 perimeter netting is manufactured with 100% solution-dyed polyester yarn. This design feature prevents shanked balls from picking up black scuffing. It is specifically engineered to be placed within 2 inches of sprinkler heads. The 120-inch width and adherence to fire-resistant certification standards according to NFPA 701 Large Scale also make it a standout choice.


The 8600 perimeter netting is also manufactured with 100% solution-dyed polyester  yarn. It guarantees that shanked balls do not acquire black scuffing. This adaptable fabric is available in widths of 100 and 200 inches And meets NFPA 701 Large Scale fire-resistant certification standards. It combines durability and safety, making it a dependable solution for various applications.

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