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Welcome to 2019

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Happy New Year- bring on the excitement! The start of the new year and the ending / continuation of the previous chapter in our business lives for me at least is always a time of anticipation. On the one hand we can look back and chart where we’ve been- have we hit the check marks we set out for ourselves? And on the other hand, we can refine and review places or marks we missed and at the same time set new goals. Thus, in a nutshell, here are my reflections on the year that has passed, and goals for the year that lies ahead:

Our new operating system got on up and running on 3/1. It was a period of high frustration and angst as the implementation of any new system is. But with the dedication of our Jason Mills employees and the support of the Jomar team we have an ERP system that is working and providing useful data for the years that lie ahead.

Our new website is up and out on the web. Check it out here: Leaner, and more consolidated that our previous version we feel that this version promotes the vision of not only Jason Mills, but the textile industry in general when we say: “innovation, design, and performance”.

On the new material front we developed a lightweight polypropylene fabric for an Israeli medical supply company. We also continue to work on our phase change material with nano-particle cooling effects. Our recently developed material for our 4th generation of golf impact screen is in the field now for testing. Initial feedback is good.

On the trade show circuit, we are ensconced now with 3 shows: SHOT supplier showcase, Techtextil and IFAI. We’ll continue to walk PGA to visit our golf screen customers as well Outdoor Retailer. The trade shows are an invaluable part of our growth model offering an immeasurable ROI.

Just a quick note about SHOT. You can see us January 21 – January 22 in booth S 1618. A few of our materials will also be available in the military booth.

Going forward into 2019 we are optimistic that our business will continue to grow. We will continue to invest in development of fabrics and processes that will promote our overarching mantra of design and performance.

See you in the new year!