Polyester Mesh Fabric for Patient Lift Slings

Patient lift sling fabricPatient lift slings—sometimes called patient transfer slings—are key components of patient lift systems. They are designed to attach to the lifting device and wrap under and around the patient’s body, enabling medical personnel to lift and support them as they are moved between locations. This method of lifting is ideal for moving patients suffering from muscle weakness or paralysis that require assistance to stand up, such as the injured or elderly, as it allows patients to remain comfortable and safe while being transferred and reduces the amount of physical effort personnel must exert during the transfer process.

These devices come in many variations to suit different patient transfer applications. For example:

  • Universal slings cross under the legs of the patient, providing the patient with even pressure distribution and both the patient and caregiver with additional stability.
  • Full-body slings consist of a large square-shaped piece on which the patient lies during the transfer process. They typically have higher backings that serve as head support for the patient.
  • Split-leg slings keep the legs of the patient separated to prevent them from knocking together during the transfer process. The design also helps ensure even weight distribution.


Polyester Mesh — The Best Material for Patient Transfer Slings

The main lifting area of a patient transfer sling—the part on which the patient sits or lies during the transfer process—can be made from a variety of fabrics. It is important to select the fabric carefully as it can affect the safety, comfort, and hygiene of the patient.

Many medical professionals choose to use polyester mesh slings since the fabric is breathable and quick-drying. These qualities make it ideal for patient transfer applications where contact with water is a common occurrence, such as when moving patients to the toilet or shower areas. Other key advantages of polyester mesh include high durability and elasticity, both of which are important to create a safe and reliable patient sling.


Quality Patient Lift Sling Materials at Jason Mills

At Jason Mills we’ve worked with textiles for over 40 years. This extensive experience gives us the knowledge and skills needed to select and source quality fabrics for various applications. All of our materials in this line were specifically designed for use patient slings and lift systems. For medical lift slings and other medical products, we offer the following polyester mesh materials:


  • Style 280 Polyester Mesh: Due to its unique open mesh knit construction, it is strong, lightweight, and our most breathable fabric. It is capable of supporting and lifting over 1,500 pounds. Other key characteristics include a smooth surface and resistance to fire. Standard colors are blue and silver. The width is 60”. Color, finish and width are adjustable characteristics.
  • Style 280LP Antimicrobial Polyester Mesh: This material is made from antimicrobial polyester fibers. Thus, the anti-microbial properties are inherent and will not wash out. It is also fire-resistant. It has load bearing properties of over 1500 pounds. Standard colors are blue and silver. The width is 46”.  Color, finish and width are adjustable characteristics.
  • Style 1910 Polyester Mesh: This material is a breathable solid. This fire-resistant material is available in blue and silver colors and 60-inch widths. It has load bearing properties of over 1500 pounds. Color, finish, and width are adjustable characteristics.


Why Partner With Jason Mills for Your Medical Lift Sling Fabric Needs?

The medical industry is highly demanding. Whether a manufacturer is making patient lift swings or another medical product, the ability to customize textiles makes it easier for them to create products that meet the industry’s requirements and restrictions. That’s why many companies turn to Jason Mills for their medical textile solutions.

By partnering with us, they benefit from our ability to:

  • Construct mesh material in any 2D or 3D shape
  • Produce yarn solutions with micro- and nano-structures
  • Customize the mechanical properties of the material
  • Achieve various material functionalities
  • Control the biodegradability of the material

To learn more about our healthcare textiles and why they are suitable for medical lift slings, contact us or request a quote today.