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Industrial Protective/Safety Fabrics 101: Types & Applications

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Professionals working in high-risk environments face threats from explosions, fire, metal sparks, high-voltage power, sharp objects, and toxic or corrosive chemicals. They require reliable protective clothing to keep them safe from potential dangers. Industrial protective fabrics are technical clothing meant to protect workers from environmental and workplace hazards. Safety fabrics should be comfortable, provide maximum protection for the wearer both indoors and outdoors, and give them freedom of movement.

Protective textiles should also remain compliant with government and industry standards for workplace safety. Protective apparel must keep workers safe while meeting the requirements of the oil and gas, metalworking, energy, utility, chemical, and manufacturing industries. Learn more about the properties, benefits, and applications of various safety fabrics.

industrial workers protective fabric

Safety Fabric Properties: Fire, Cut, and UV Resistance

Protecting employees from workplace hazards is one of the crucial responsibilities of the employer, who needs to identify the safety risks in the workplace. The type of protective fabric chosen will depend on the nature of work, potential hazards, and compliance requirements under the relevant ANSI, ASTM, AATCC, OSHA, FAR 25.853 or MVSS 302, and Mil-Spec standards.