Jason Mills Unveils New Fabric for Golf Simulators Screens

When it comes to golf simulators the impact screen fabric plays a critical role in the quality and performance of the unit as a whole. Although the electronic components in the simulator play a vital role in projecting the image, the image quality will only be as good as the screen it is projected on. Investing in a high-quality fabric will ensure that the screen won’t break apart and will display a high-quality image that looks like the actual fairway.

At Jason Mills we offer fabric that is ideal for everyday use and now we’re preparing to debut our new high-end fabric. Jason Mills Style 501 will show incredible HD/Blu-ray quality images. The new addition is 120 inches wide, stocked in white, fire-resistant, impact-resistant, and displays beautiful imagery. The screen fabric also has minimal bounce back and low noise which makes it ideal for use in indoor golf facilities.

This new fabric style is by far one of the best options for impact screens for the golf simulator industry and we encourage golf industry professionals to visit our website to learn more. We are also active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ where we post more technical textile news and company updates.

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