Improve Your Golf Swing This… Winter?

From your heating bill to your work commute, there’s no reason why winter should impact anything more than it already does. For instance, when considering the possibilities of today’s technology, why should a powerful cold front ever be allowed to hamper your golf swing? With indoor golf simulator projection screens being so widely available, these days you can practice your drive in your rec room or garage, and still retain your competitive edge once spring returns.

One of the reasons why golf simulator projection technology works as well as it does is on account of the mesh onto which it’s projected. Indoor hitting enclosures that are knitted from close-fitting and/or seamless polyester or nylon textiles allow for a quality of projected image that would not otherwise be available. The relative seamlessness of the meshing allows for the simulated image to be projected fully and compellingly, so that it almost does feel as though you were standing on your favorite driving range in the heat of summer.

At Jason Mills, we weave custom-cut sports netting for golf cages of all varieties – both large and small. Our 100% polyester and 100% nylon fibers, available in any color, allow for golf fanatics and casual practitioners alike to hone their skills for all those coming tournaments and “friendly games of golf” that are just a few months away. For the seamless perfectionist inside us all, there just isn’t any better way (given the weather) of improving one’s swing.

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