Helping You Pick the Perfect Backpack

School’s back in session for another year! It is a bit of a mixed blessing for parents. On one hand, you know your kids are out of the house and – presumably – learning. That being said, there is also the giant pain involved in getting them all the right school supplies.  Buying the right backpack for your kids is perhaps the biggest challenge. It has to be “cool” (or rad or whatever kids are saying these days), as well as functional and safe. As far as safety, experts say that you should consider a few important keys. First, the backpack should weigh no more than around 15% of your child’s body weight. Overloading a backpack can really mess up a growing child’s back. With this in mind, you also might want to consider a backpack on wheels. Because that can be a hard sell for some kids (not really that “cool”), if they do choose a regular backpack, make sure they only carry what they need for that day and that they load the heaviest items closest to their backs.

At Jason Mills, we know a thing or two about backpacks. Whatever style of backpack you choose; there is a good chance it includes at least some of our innovative mesh. We offer eight different types of backpack mesh, and it’s not only used to help kids get their books to school, but also is fielded by the police and military. Our mesh has the ability to make backpacks lightweight, strong, breathable, and cool enough to please even the most style-conscious kid.  So if you’re still in the market for some school supplies or just  want to choose the perfect, next backpack, remember our tips and when in doubt, go with mesh!

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