What’s Mesh Doing For You?

So, what are you using your mesh for? At Jason Mills, we’ve found it to our advantage to listen to our clientele to provide ever more customized, client-specific service.  Are you taking advantage of our high visibility textiles to make the vest that are keeping our highway workers safe and sound? In that vein, we know that people are certainly making truck tarps with either our 100% nylon or polyester mesh. Likewise, we’ve touched in previous blogs on how our mesh is perfect for protection from dangers like mosquitoes and other disease-carrying pests. And we already know that it would be hard to play and practice soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, and volleyball without mesh.

At Jason Mills, everything we do is mesh related so we have a pretty good idea what our mesh can do. But in our quest to delve into ever more customized, individualized services for our widespread client base, we want to know specifics.  Give us the nitty-gritty details. Or, if you’re not yet using our products for your application, you may discover there’s a good chance our mesh would be the perfect solution for your needs.

Either way, we really want to hear what mesh adds to your life and business. So drop us a line and don’t skimp on the details! If you use a ton of mesh we want to know what for and if you don’t we want to know why not?

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  1. Everett

    Running shoes…..If I could get a smaller minimum order that would help… you have to make it past the prototype stage before you can order 5000 yrd!!! I look forward to working with your company soon..Cheers

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