The Mesh Heard Round the World

Jason Mills is always looking for ways to increase the brand presence of our fine-quality mesh around the world. Whether you know it or not, people around the world crave and trust the consistency and quality of products from the USA. Asian countries turn to North America to equip them with the latest means and materials for quality production and development.

One of our main goals is to sell to hospitals, clinics, and care centers in countries such as India. It seems that there is a pressing need for high quality resistant fabrics throughout this country of over 1 billion people. When we say “resistant”, we are referring to high-end mesh that has a number of critical properties and singular characteristics including:

    Cubicle Mesh

  • Fire-resistance
  • UV-Resistant Dye (guaranteed not to fade for 200 hours)
  • Anti-microbial mesh for the tops of bed curtains in hospitals, which stops disease from spreading

While all of these benefits are already being utilized in North America and Europe, there is a massive untapped Asian market that we are beginning to make headway into. As countries like India experience economic booms correspondent with their population booms, the demand for high quality -and in many cases such as hospitals, lifesaving – mesh will only increase. In addition, as time passes we hope to introduce our entire line of meshes and textiles to rest of the world, because at the end of the day you still can’t beat “Made in the USA”.

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