7400 Style 7400P – Mop Headband Mesh
3400 Style 3400 – Rugged Nylon

Materials come and materials go but sometimes those that have been in the rearview mirror for years have a rebirth. Such is the case of Jason Mills styles 7400P and 3400. Why and when particular sku’s find a new use is a matter of luck, happenstance, design or a combination of all three issues. Ours is not to wonder why, ours is to produce and meet market demand.

The 7400P style was initially conceived as a polyester version for baseball cap “trucker mesh” (note the original P suffix). In time, varied uses included small plane wing protection against ice, soft sided luggage pocketing and its current incarnation as a key component in the manufacturing of mop heads for commercial and retail markets. Specifically, it is what the industry calls the headband portion of the mop; a 5” abrasive piece that sits on top where the strands gather.

Mops, like other commodity items have been caught in the vortex of cost control and savings, in other words, a race to the bottom. This basically means that all aspects of the components have been made cheaper and cheaper, so much so that the headband that is in vogue – prior to our reintroduction- is currently being doubled to ensure that it will work. Well, here’s some news, we choose not to participate in this race and have produced a headband, available in five different colors, that restores integrity to the manufacturing of mops for the sanitation and supply industry. Designed as a single layer application and constructed using mid-high tenacity yarns and an acrylic finish designed to enhance longevity. We encourage all manufacturers of mops (and anybody else who is looking for abrasive materials) to reach out to us for samples and pricing.

What do you do if you have a beautiful fabric that falls out of fashion? Don’t give up! Style 3400 was once sold to the likes of Jansport and Patagonia but as the manufacturing of outdoor products headed east (way east to Vietnam and China) so did the sew house demand for our high quality, 100% nylon, US made (knit dyed and finished in the US using imported yarn) diminished and eventually stopped, but then something happened to this fabric on its way to obsolescence: the need for high end bags for use in the healthcare field.

Using a combination of nylon yarns, designed for consistent colors, we are actively producing this in tan and black. We welcome anybody who is the market for a top notch outdoor retail material, indoor technical material or rugged luggage lining/pocketing to contact us for samples and pricing.

So yes, what was once past is indeed prologue. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss these and our full line of US made products (knit dyed, and finished in the US using yarns of both import and domestic origin).

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