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TECHTEXTIL: Exploring Technical Textiles in Spring 2013

While technical textiles may not be a topic that’s top of mind for all right now, with spring breaks approaching for many, the topic is integral in the measures taken to ensure traveler safety. From our vehicles’ airbags; to the fire-resistant mesh seat pockets for safety literature we find on planes; to the hotel drapes, those polyester and nylon knit textiles are carefully selected to meet federal motor vehicle and aviation requirements and industry specifications. Although these are details that we at Jason Mills are invested in year-round, we’re particularly interested now with this year’s North America edition of TECHTEXTIL coming up next week.

We’ll actually be welcoming in the spring season at this unique event from March 19-21, held in Anaheim, CA for the first time. TECHTEXTIL shows bring together all aspects of the global technical textile and nonwovens industry, including R&D, raw materials, production processes, and even recycling. As a U.S. manufacturer of technical mesh for a range of end uses, this is a promising opportunity for us to learn about new technologies and products from fellow exhibitors, presentations, and Q&A sessions. Our materials continue to make their way into the finished work of major aerospace manufacturers, top automakers, and leaders in the healthcare industry, so we take every effort to stay at the cutting-edge of the textile industry.

We understand and fully meet fire resistant codes and technical regulations, including FAR 25.853 and FMV SS302, but we also are eager to stay connected with the industries we serve to ensure our quality standards are unmatched; we’ll be at Booth #412 (and can always be contacted via our website) to discuss specialty, safety knits and mesh for your commercial or institutional application.

Made Smart in America

For years, companies, especially companies in the textile industry and those that rely on textiles, fled the U.S. for cheaper labor and sweetheart deals- first to Latin America and then to Asia. It appeared that this trend would only end when the U.S. had been drained of every last high-paid manufacturing job. Then a funny thing happened, the exodus not only slowed, but also started to move in reverse.

Over the past few years, the concept of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., referred to as reshoring, has become a hot button topic. For a long time, Americans were just happy to access cheap clothing and TVs, but the novelty wore off when these same consumers lost their jobs. Even the undisputed champion of low-cost, outsourced retail, Wal-Mart, recently pledged to buy an additional $50 billion in U.S. made goods over the next decade.

Amidst this great news, we must understand that this positive movement is not a result of protectionist policies but a combination of economic cycles plus a bit of economic nationalism. It’s too soon to tell if the recently passed U.S.-Panama TPA can eliminate obstacles to trade and boost our own manufacturing base.

At Jason Mills, we firmly believe that there is a strong future for the American textile industry. We will continue to proudly manufacture cost-effective, environmentally compliant and technically superior nylon and polyester mesh textiles in the US, all the while attempting to push into markets across the globe. We are living proof that it is possible to not only survive but prosper as an American-based textile company.

Helping You Pick the Perfect Backpack

School’s back in session for another year! It is a bit of a mixed blessing for parents. On one hand, you know your kids are out of the house and – presumably – learning. That being said, there is also the giant pain involved in getting them all the right school supplies.  Buying the right backpack for your kids is perhaps the biggest challenge. It has to be “cool” (or rad or whatever kids are saying these days), as well as functional and safe. As far as safety, experts say that you should consider a few important keys. First, the backpack should weigh no more than around 15% of your child’s body weight. Overloading a backpack can really mess up a growing child’s back. With this in mind, you also might want to consider a backpack on wheels. Because that can be a hard sell for some kids (not really that “cool”), if they do choose a regular backpack, make sure they only carry what they need for that day and that they load the heaviest items closest to their backs.

At Jason Mills, we know a thing or two about backpacks. Whatever style of backpack you choose; there is a good chance it includes at least some of our innovative mesh. We offer eight different types of backpack mesh, and it’s not only used to help kids get their books to school, but also is fielded by the police and military. Our mesh has the ability to make backpacks lightweight, strong, breathable, and cool enough to please even the most style-conscious kid.  So if you’re still in the market for some school supplies or just  want to choose the perfect, next backpack, remember our tips and when in doubt, go with mesh!

Jason Mills and Our Work in the Tennis Industry

With the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament having just recently wrapped up, it’s a good time to talk about how polyester and nylon knit mesh plays a major role in modern tennis. As you might imagine, the game itself wouldn’t be very interesting or playable without a net. Heck, you could play it with your hands, but if there wasn’t a net, it just wouldn’t be the same game. But before we get into what makes a “quality” net, let’s take a quick look at the history of the game.

The game of tennis dates back several thousand years. It is believed that European monks created the game in the 12th century as a form of entertainment during religious ceremonies. It wasn’t until the 16th century that rackets and a net were introduced (tennis actually plays a major dramatic role in at least one Shakespeare play). In 1874, the U.K.’s Major Walter C. Wingfield was the first to patent the equipment and rules that are much like the ones used today.

Since the beginning of the modern game, players and court owners have been on the lookout for technology that can make the game more exciting and easier to play. Polyester and nylon have made clothing, shoes, and even rackets, lighter, stronger, and more responsive. At Jason Mills, we also know that the netting used for tennis court nets across the world couldn’t and wouldn’t stand up to the wear and tear unless they were made from some pretty amazing materials. We offer 100% Polyester and Nylon netting in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses which can be used for not only Tennis applications but also for all of your sports netting needs, like soccer, baseball, and golf.

So next time you’re watching a match, just remember, all those great 5-set cliffhangers wouldn’t be possible without the kind of history that tennis has – and without the high quality polyester and nylon sports netting we provide at Jason Mills.

DISCOVER 2012 and Jason Mills

Recently, we attended the U.S. Commercial Service’s DISCOVER 2012 forum. This year’s gathering took place at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel from September 24-26 and was held in cooperation with the Mid-Atlantic District Export Council. The U.S. Commercial Service is the Dept. of Commerce’s lead export promotion agency, so this forum attracted not only high-ranking government officials, but also international business leaders. Overall, DISCOVER 2012 was outstanding for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Providing everyone with the most up-to-date and insightful market intelligence
  • Offering practical strategies for exporting goods to new markets
  • Providing us with the perfect opportunity to network with a uniquely-placed group of public officials, private buyers, and market experts

We especially enjoyed the “Ask the Experts” roundtable sessions and the meetings with buyers from Costa Rica and the U.A.E.

All of this was quite helpful because as we have mentioned in previous blogs, Jason Mills is making a strong push into some of the world’s biggest foreign markets, including India. We are introducing as many people around the globe to our durable, flexible, and customizable meshes. Meeting with and listening to what buyers and consumers want and need is the only way to make the name Jason Mills as popular overseas as it is here in the USA.

What’s Mesh Doing For You?

So, what are you using your mesh for? At Jason Mills, we’ve found it to our advantage to listen to our clientele to provide ever more customized, client-specific service.  Are you taking advantage of our high visibility textiles to make the vest that are keeping our highway workers safe and sound? In that vein, we know that people are certainly making truck tarps with either our 100% nylon or polyester mesh. Likewise, we’ve touched in previous blogs on how our mesh is perfect for protection from dangers like mosquitoes and other disease-carrying pests. And we already know that it would be hard to play and practice soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, and volleyball without mesh.

At Jason Mills, everything we do is mesh related so we have a pretty good idea what our mesh can do. But in our quest to delve into ever more customized, individualized services for our widespread client base, we want to know specifics.  Give us the nitty-gritty details. Or, if you’re not yet using our products for your application, you may discover there’s a good chance our mesh would be the perfect solution for your needs.

Either way, we really want to hear what mesh adds to your life and business. So drop us a line and don’t skimp on the details! If you use a ton of mesh we want to know what for and if you don’t we want to know why not?

Breaking into the Indian Car Market

In an earlier blog, we discussed our desire to have a larger footprint in emerging economic powerhouses such as India. With an ever-growing population that long ago surpassed one billion, and an emerging middle-class which some statisticians deem to be the world’s largest, Indian consumers are more and more searching for high-quality products.

One industry that we are especially interested in is India’s booming automotive industry. Multi-national giants like Tata Motors have changed the landscape of the automotive world. Not only are they a Fortune Global 500 company (#314), but they are also the world’s fourth-largest truck and second-largest bus manufacturer. In fact quite recently, in a dramatic reverse of the usual 1st world investment in the developing world story, Tata purchased the legendary British automobile company, Jaguar. If Tata is getting into the business of building high-end automobiles along the lines of Jaguar, what’s to be anticipated next?

At Jason Mills, we know that our wide range of high-end meshes and textiles would be an ideal fit for not only Tata but also all of India’s automotive industry. Our UV-resistant mesh is a great for cars and trucks because it is guaranteed not to fade for 200 hours, which is important in a country that has seen searing record heat waves this summer. Furthermore, in a country like India with one of the worst annual traffic accident reports on Earth, Jason Mills’ fire-resistant mesh is a great choice for the interior of any kind of vehicle. Safety and constancy are qualities that discerning consumers from around the world all demand. Keep checking back with our blog for updates on our “globe-trotting” adventures in Indian and other major emerging markets around the world!

The Mesh Heard Round the World

Jason Mills is always looking for ways to increase the brand presence of our fine-quality mesh around the world. Whether you know it or not, people around the world crave and trust the consistency and quality of products from the USA. Asian countries turn to North America to equip them with the latest means and materials for quality production and development.

One of our main goals is to sell to hospitals, clinics, and care centers in countries such as India. It seems that there is a pressing need for high quality resistant fabrics throughout this country of over 1 billion people. When we say “resistant”, we are referring to high-end mesh that has a number of critical properties and singular characteristics including:

Cubicle Mesh

  • Fire-resistance
  • UV-Resistant Dye (guaranteed not to fade for 200 hours)
  • Anti-microbial mesh for the tops of bed curtains in hospitals, which stops disease from spreading

While all of these benefits are already being utilized in North America and Europe, there is a massive untapped Asian market that we are beginning to make headway into. As countries like India experience economic booms correspondent with their population booms, the demand for high quality -and in many cases such as hospitals, lifesaving – mesh will only increase. In addition, as time passes we hope to introduce our entire line of meshes and textiles to rest of the world, because at the end of the day you still can’t beat “Made in the USA”.