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What’s Mesh Doing For You?

So, what are you using your mesh for? At Jason Mills, we’ve found it to our advantage to listen to our clientele to provide ever more customized, client-specific service.  Are you taking advantage of our high visibility textiles to make the vest that are keeping our highway workers safe and sound? In that vein, we […]

Breaking into the Indian Car Market

In an earlier blog, we discussed our desire to have a larger footprint in emerging economic powerhouses such as India. With an ever-growing population that long ago surpassed one billion, and an emerging middle-class which some statisticians deem to be the world’s largest, Indian consumers are more and more searching for high-quality products. One industry […]

The Mesh Heard Round the World

Jason Mills is always looking for ways to increase the brand presence of our fine-quality mesh around the world. Whether you know it or not, people around the world crave and trust the consistency and quality of products from the USA. Asian countries turn to North America to equip them with the latest means and […]