Did You Travel for the Holidays? Chances Are You Saw Our Handiwork

This holiday season as you went about your travels from coast to coast, from Canada to Cancun, we hope you had time to take a look at the seat pocket in front of you. No, we’re not necessarily advocating “in-flight reading”. We’re much more interested in whether you took a glance at the mesh pocket that held all those Duty Free Shopping magazines. The mesh design may well have been our own.


An international airline contacted us at one point to provide the mesh on the seat pockets of their passenger seats. It was a significant assignment to design and supply all that mesh, but our streamlined production process and command of knitting technology eventually won the day, and did so in a timely manner. So next holiday season as you reach down to grab your in-flight magazine, remember and salute those people who make such luxuries possible for your 6 ½ hour flight to your mother-in-law’s house in Chattanooga.

But that isn’t the only place you’d have seen us this past December. At Jason Mills, one of our long-time specialties has been supplying the mesh in-lining of various types of suitcases and luggage. So whether you packed Bermuda shorts for your holiday in the Caribbean, or long-johns for your sojourn in Detroit or Mississauga, consider the fine attention that went into the knitted mesh inside your baggage. It’s not only convenient for holding your three-piece suit neatly in place; it’s also a technology that’s been developed over time, allowing for greater versatility and sense of order when packing your bag.

To all those flying the friendly skies, or otherwise lugging suitcases on trains or overland buses, on holiday or otherwise, consider for a moment the seamless craftsmanship of the mesh that went into making your suitcases packable.

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