Breaking into the Indian Car Market

In an earlier blog, we discussed our desire to have a larger footprint in emerging economic powerhouses such as India. With an ever-growing population that long ago surpassed one billion, and an emerging middle-class which some statisticians deem to be the world’s largest, Indian consumers are more and more searching for high-quality products.

One industry that we are especially interested in is India’s booming automotive industry. Multi-national giants like Tata Motors have changed the landscape of the automotive world. Not only are they a Fortune Global 500 company (#314), but they are also the world’s fourth-largest truck and second-largest bus manufacturer. In fact quite recently, in a dramatic reverse of the usual 1st world investment in the developing world story, Tata purchased the legendary British automobile company, Jaguar. If Tata is getting into the business of building high-end automobiles along the lines of Jaguar, what’s to be anticipated next?

At Jason Mills, we know that our wide range of high-end meshes and textiles would be an ideal fit for not only Tata but also all of India’s automotive industry. Our UV-resistant mesh is a great for cars and trucks because it is guaranteed not to fade for 200 hours, which is important in a country that has seen searing record heat waves this summer. Furthermore, in a country like India with one of the worst annual traffic accident reports on Earth, Jason Mills’ fire-resistant mesh is a great choice for the interior of any kind of vehicle. Safety and constancy are qualities that discerning consumers from around the world all demand. Keep checking back with our blog for updates on our “globe-trotting” adventures in Indian and other major emerging markets around the world!

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